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Stephen Wisneski & Associates will provide you with an expert assessment of both assets and potential problem areas of the home that you’re considering, in order to help you determine whether your buying requirements and the home are a good fit.

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Stephen Wisneski & Associates has been a renowned home inspector in Sugar Land TX and all surrounding areas since 1989. We are a professional company that has been known in the area for providing residents in the community with valuable information about the condition of their home. We guarantee that our specialists will provide you with reliable services, that will not disappoint you. Our company handles residential and small commercial inspections. The specialists on our team will evaluate your property accurately and let you know what actions need to be taken in order to improve its condition. We execute to-the-point home inspections that are sure to meet all your needs.

Home inspectors follow procedures that comply with state regulations and rules. These procedures are followed while construction is going on, or a property is being sold. The quality of ceilings, walls, and roof, among other features, are emphasized on through these rules and regulations. Since plumbing and electrical systems can be dangerous if not working properly, they are given special attention while a home inspection is taking place. Our experts know what to look for when at your location, and you can be sure that they will provide you with everything you are looking for.

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If there are any existing issues, they should be repaired, because any damage will cause the price of the property to decrease. A lawn that has been maintained, always makes a good impression on new buyers. This will show them that the previous owners have taken good care of their property. Our home inspectors can offer many great ideas, and let you know what you can do to increase the value of your home. They have been in this business for a long time, and are the best at what they do. As a home inspection company, we will make sure that you understand how the whole inspection process is carried out.

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A professional home inspector can allow the property owners to ask for a higher price. Also, home inspections can save the sellers money, by locating flaws that might be hard for the untrained eye to see. Our specialists will properly evaluate your home, or commercial building. They will not only Little house in the hand of a home inspectorgive you an estimate, but also provide you with useful expertise. Rearranging your upholstery, repairing your deck and patio, or repainting your interior and exterior walls, may be some ideas you can think about. Trust Stephen Wisneski & Associates to provide you with the most reliable building inspectors in Sugar Land TX, and we guarantee that the value of your home will increase.

Don’t waste your valuable time hiring an unprofessional inspector that will not evaluate your home properly. The efficiency of your inspection depends on how skilled your inspector is. We are a company that guarantees your satisfaction. Our building inspectors will provide you with an inspection of the exterior and interior condition of your home. Our company is sure to provide you with the best specialists in the local industry, that will live up to your requirements.

For the leading home inspection company in Sugar Land TX and all surrounding areas, be sure to call  us today at (713) 569-1673.

My father decided to buy a house for me and my wife as a wedding present; however, he told me to look for a professional who could take a look at all systems of the residence. After going through a number of home inspectors, I found your company to be recommended by many people. Your service and report were outstanding! Thank you very much!

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