Home Inspection Contingencies

Everything You Need to Know About Home Inspections

A contingency is the result of a home inspection process. It consists of a number of services the home inspector performed on the property. Whether you buy or sell, a home inspection contingency is a must. It gives you a better understanding of the condition of the property, and it helps you decide what actions should be taken to resolve any problems.

Each contingency is different than the other. This is entirely normal as each home is unique. This means that the home inspector has to adapt to each situation, and perform the inspection according to the condition of the home. However, this doesn’t mean there will be parts of the house left unchecked. Home inspectors have a reputation on checking every corner of the home, and locating all problems. Typical home inspections include:

  • Lead-Based paint inspection;

  • Electrical inspection;

  • Basement and foundation inspection;

  • Roof inspection;

  • Soil stability inspection;

  • Sewer and drainage system inspection;

  • Trees and vegetation inspection;

  • Mold inspection ;

  • Pest and termites inspection;

  • Chimney inspection.

Once the inspection is over, the inspector will give you the contingency. This will include all the inspections they performed and all the problems they found. You should know that every contingency comes with an expiration date. If you’re planning to buy a property, and you don’t like what you see in the contingency, you have the right to renegotiate or even revoke the contract, before the expiration date.

If you’re selling, then it is very important that the home inspection is performed as soon as possible. This way you’ll have plenty of time until the closing date on your contract to fix any problems.

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