How to Buy a Home without Making Costly Mistakes

Home Inspection Mistakes Every Homebuyer Should Avoid

Home inspectorMistake 1 – Thinking you don’t have the capital.
Today, buying a home is easier than it ever was. Several people that thought buying the home they dreamed of was out of their reach are now enjoying a life in their new home.

Purchasing a house can be a wise financial choice depending on whether you get a professional home inspection done beforehand. As a matter of fact, many American home owners would be financially destitute when they retire should it not be for one saving grace, the equity within their home. Also, mortgage rates are more flexible now than ever before.

Real estate values have always increased. There will always be peaks and troughs, however, the long term is a steady increase. Which means every month you make a mortgage payment, the amount owed decreases and the value increases. This situation is referred to as equity build-up, and it is the reason you can buy.

Deadly 2 – Not using a buyer’s agent to help you.
Purchasing property can be a complicated and stressful job. Being as it is the biggest financial investments you are likely to make in your life, real estate transactions are complicated. New laws, procedures and competition from other buyers means agents have to perform at a higher level of professionalism. For homebuyers, the process can turn into a stressful ordeal. Plus, making the wrong decisions such as not calling in a professional home inspection expert, could end up costing you thousands.

Hire a buyer’s agent that has a thorough understanding of real estate and who will be on your side. Buyer’s agents are loyal to only you, and will be obligated to look out for your interests. They can help you locate the best house, lender, and home inspector. Plus, the buyer’s agent will be paid from the seller’s commission, even though they will be working for you.

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