How to Prepare For Home Inspections

Real Estate Inspection Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re planning to buy, rent or sell a property, performing a home inspection has become almost a necessity. Buyers see home inspections as a guarantee that whatever they purchase is worth the price they pay for it. However, from the seller’s point of view, the presence of building inspectors on their property may come as a challenge, mainly because they have no idea what to expect. This article is designed to help people who are trying to sell or rent a property prepare for a smooth and trouble-free inspection.

1. Make sure all your lighting fixtures have light bulbs and work properly. If home inspectors find a lighting fixture which doesn’t work, they will mark it as an electrical problem, even though, sometimes, is nothing but a burnt light bulb.
Happy family infront of a house bought after home inspections2. Provide easy access to electrical panels, water heaters and furnaces. Each and every of these home devices must be thoroughly inspected so make sure the building inspectors have access to them.
3. Install new AC and furnace filters. Home inspections usually include thorough checking of the heating and cooling systems, so make sure yours is in good condition.
4. Check every door and window and make sure they operate smoothly. Although your home inspector may not check every door and window in your home, you have to ensure that all of them are in tip-top shape. Additionally, replace any broken or damaged window and door screens.
5. Roofs are among the most important components of home inspections. A true building inspector will check every single part of your roof in order to determine its condition. Make sure you repair any leaks, replace any broken shingles and clean all gutters. You should also provide access to your attic as most building inspectors will want to inspect your roof’s insulation.
6. Safety features are also subjected to inspection. It’s recommended you have at least one smoke detector per floor.
7. Finally, make sure all appliances are working properly. Your home inspector will want to check your washing machine, dryer, fridge and even your cooking appliance.
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