The Local Real Estate Inspector That Will Go Above Your Expectations

Property inspection services provide numerous benefits to real estate agents and people selling and buying homes. The fact that they produce information that is guaranteed to be true about all the system within the building makes it easier for the buyer or seller to make a decision. When hiring Stephen Wisneski & Associates, you can rest easy knowing that you know all there is to know about the property in question by looking at the results our real estate inspector in Sugar Land TX will provide for you.

Our licensed inspector provides our clients with inspection reports in a timely and professional manner. Depending on your preferences, you can receive the results within 24 hours or a week. The report will contain detailed information about all components of every system within your house or apartment which our real estate inspector observed. Our reports can include photos and can be up to 50 pages of detailed information.

Our services are designed to save our clients from lots of issues. Our surveys detect problems that need to be fixed so that either the seller or the buyer knows that they have to take care of them. Rooting out the problem areas allows the future tenant to stay safe and comfortable as well as save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

The information you will find in our reports will include details about:

  • structural components like foundations and frames;

  • outdoor features such as decks, paths, walkways, balconies, siding, driveways, soffit, and railings;

  • roof components like skylights, flashing, and shingles;

  • electrical system including pipes drains, sump pumps and water heating features;

  • heating systems including equipment and venting;

  • cooling system parts like energy sources and distribution equipment;

  • indoor features such as floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, and railings;

  • ventilation, insulation, and attics;

  • fireplace components, including chimneys and vents.

If you desire to benefit from our professional inspection service, do not hesitate to contact our local real estate inspector in Sugar Land TX and book an appointment. We, at Stephen Wisneski & Associates, are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Call us at (713) 569-1673.