Top 3 Home Inspection Red Flags

What Are the Biggest Problems Home Inspectors Could Find on a Property?

As a home inspector, I’ve learned that no home is perfect. Even new constructions can have problems, and it is my job to find and report them. However, what consumers must know is that there are “problems” and then there are “serious problems”. We call the latter home inspection red flags. It is crucial for you, as a buyer, to be aware of these problems so that you can recognize them in case they appear on your report.

Termites and other live-in pests

Termites can cause serious damage to a home. What’s even worse is that the damage is not visible from outside. So, what may look like a good deal can actually be one of the worst investments you’ve ever made. It is a must for your inspector to check the house for termite infestation and to note whatever they find in the report.

Drainage issues

Problems with the sewer lines should definitely be noted in the home inspection report. Although the inspector may not be fully qualified to determine the exact condition of the respective house’s drainage system, he/she can definitely pick up signs that indicate a sewer problem. Slow drainage, moist basements, or nasty odors in the yard may all indicate a problem with the sewer system.

Mold growth

Moisture attracts mold, and as you know it, mold growth can severely affect human health. Just like with termites, this problem occurs inside the structure of a home, so it’s pretty hard to identify. Professional home inspectors use all sorts of methods and techniques to determine whether a home has any mold problems or not. Keep in mind that mold is quite challenging to remove. So if you buy a house that has such a problem, make sure that you take cost of repairs into account.

There are many things in a house that can signal a red flag for the buyer, and the only way to expose them is to hire a home inspector. Stephen Wisneski & Associates offers quality and reliable real estate inspection services in Sugar Land TX. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (713) 569-1673.