What Are Infrared Scans and Why Are They Important?

Is Infrared Scan Included in a Typical Home Inspection Service?

Infrared scans are usually not included in a typical home inspection package; however, for a variety of safety and financial reasons, they should be. You will realize that they can save you a lot of time and money. Additionally, they will improve the safety features of your home and offer you peace of mind.

In order to understand why infrared scans are important, you must first understand what they really are. In short, an infrared scan is a process of assessing the air leakage, insulation deficiencies, and heat levels in mechanical and electrical systems installed in a home. The result of an infrared scan is basically a map of your house which indicates areas of high heat. If such areas exist, then it means that the respective home may have a major electrical or mechanical problem. At the end of an infrared scan, the owner/potential buyer will be presented with a set of pictures which indicate the problematic areas. These pictures can serve as a proof for renegotiating the sale or as an indication for the homeowners as to which areas require repair.

Since infrared scans have proven to be extremely important in the sale process, many home inspection service providers have in included this particular service in their base package. So, before you hire a home inspector, make sure that you ask whether they offer infrared scans or not. Obviously, packages that include infrared scans are a bit more expensive than typical home inspection packages, but rest assured that your money will be well spent.

Finding a home inspection service provider that offers infrared scans can sometimes be difficult. However, just because your favorite inspector does not offer such a service, does not mean that you should not hire him. You can always find a third party contractor that offers only infrared scans, and then add their results to your basic home inspection report.

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